The Haynes Method Dry Needling Certification


The Haynes Method of Neuromuscular Dry Needling is a 64-hour certification process with ½ the content being live interactive virtual lecture and the other ½ being live in-person lab sessions


Live, synchronous lectures are ongoing at this time and are stored in the student portal.  Students may enroll in the Certification course and the attend the live virtual lectures asynchronously at any time.


Lectures 1-4 must be completed, and assignments posted prior to attending the first in-person lab session.  Lectures 5-16 must be completed, and assignments posted prior to attending the final 3 day in-person lab session for Certification.


The in-person lab sessions are being offered at Haynes PT in North Texas, in Yadkinville, North Carolina, and Chesterton, IN.   We will gladly entertain alternative lab sites if that would suit your needs.  Contact info@haynesptinstitute for more information.


The live interactive virtual lecture will be completed in 16 2-hour lectures.  The first 4 lectures will comprise the introductory material.  At that point there will be a 1 day live in-person lab session where you will perform the introductory dry needling techniques.  Upon successful completion of that lab experience you will be able to move on to the rest of the content.  Each participant will be required to document 100 dry needling sessions prior to attending the remainder of the live in-person lab sessions.


There will be 12 additional 2-hour live interactive virtual lectures before you can attend the 3 day live in-person lab sessions where you will perform the advanced dry needling techniques.


There will be assignments required after each of the live virtual lectures and there will be lab practical exams prior to completion of each of the live in-person labs.


After successful completion of the required assignments and successful completion of the in-person dry needling labs and lab practicals, the participant will be awarded the certification in Dry Needling (CHDN).

2021 Live Synchronous Lecture Schedule

July 24th                  Dry Needling Lab #1 (Texas)

July 26th                   Live Virtual Lecture #9

August 7th               Dry Needling Lab #1 (Indiana)

August 16th              Live Virtual Lecture #10

August 30th            Live Virtual Lecture #11

September 13th     Live Virtual Lecture #12

September 27th       Live Virtual Lecture #13

October 11th             Live Virtual Lecture #14

November 1st           Live Virtual Lecture #15

November 15th         Live Virtual Lecture #16

December 3-5           Dry Needling Lab #2,3,4 (Texas)

December 10-12       Dry Needling Lab #2,3,4 (NC)

2021 Asynchronous Lecture Schedule is online in the student portal

Current Lab Hosting Locations

 Lab Sites & Dates      Lab 1:                 Lab 2-4:

  Texas                           July 24, 2021        December 3-5

  North Carolina            ---------------              December 10-12

  Indiana                        August 7, 2021       ----------------


Dry-needling training and certification is among the most expensive coursework on the market.  Certification programs range from $2,500 to $3,500 and up from there.  It is my belief that the extreme cost of certification in dry needling is prohibitive in clinicians from achieving certification.  For that reason, our entire 64 hour certification course is $950.  That is a 62% to 73% discount.  Why so cheap?  I don't want the cost of education to get in the way of you, my colleague, to learn what is the capstone of my 27 years of clinical practice.

  • Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

    This activity has been approved by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for 64 CCUs for PTs and PTAs.

  • BOC- Athletic Trainers

    This activity has been approved for 64 Category A continuing education units (CEUs) for Athletic Trainers.

  • Indiana APTA

    This activity has been approved by Indiana APTA for 64 CCUs.

  • States with CE Reciprocity

    Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Oregon.

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